The Importance of the Electromagnetic Field Values Emitted by Wireless Devices Used on Ships for Shipmen and Marine Enterprises


  • Tayfun Acarer Yazar


Maritime Businesses, Maritime Industry, Wireless Devices, Electromagnetic Field Value, Ship management


Information Communication Sector (ICT) is the fastest-growing and changing industry today. The developments in this sector are still continuing at a great pace. There are two basic elements of the ICT sector as communication and content. Today, there are great changes and developments especially in communication infrastructures. Different wireless systems with different features and frequencies are used in communication infrastructures. Some of the maritime communication systems are for inter-ship/land communication, others are for intra-ship communication. In recent years, developments in the ICT sector have brought about a great change and diversification in the communication devices used both inside the ship and between the ship/land. The vast majority of these systems are wireless technologies. Wireless devices operate at different powers and frequencies. All wireless systems generate electromagnetic fields (radiation). The antenna dimensions of these devices and the electromagnetic field intensities they emit vary according to the frequency value used and the power of the devices. These values are of great importance for the health of seafarers working on ships. Because the electromagnetic field values of the radio devices used in wireless communication on ships of different sizes should be below a certain limit. In addition, the electromagnetic field intensities emitted by these must not exceed international standards in terms of human health. This issue is also extremely important for maritime enterprises. Because the first-degree shipowners are responsible for the health of the seafarers working on the ships. In recent years, many new communication systems have been used on ships. These systems have different communication capabilities, and today, especially the data communication method is developing gradually. These features both offer new opportunities for ships and ship operators in terms of communication and bring additional responsibilities.