Capital Structure and Use of Raspberry-Growing Enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Zeljezno Polje Example


  • Eldina Muminovic Bosnian
  • Cennet Oguz


Capital, Raspberry Enterprises, Zeljezno Polje


The study’s primary purpose is to determine the capital structure of raspberry production enterprises in Zeljezno Polje. It is important for agricultural enterprises to offer financing and credit to individual producers with appropriate terms. The data in the study refer to the 2021 production year and were obtained through a survey method from 91 enterprises, which were determined with a margin of error of 5% at the 95% confidence limit according to the stratified random sampling method. The enterprises examined in the field were classified according to their capital structure and functions, and the average active capital of the enterprises was calculated as $19,179.93. The ratio of active capital consists of 74.95% of land capital, 18.08% revolving working capital, and 6.97% fixed working capital. It has been determined that raspberry enterprises rely on their own capital instead of loans. There have been no similar studies conducted in the research area, and this article will make an important contribution to the literature.