The Pilot Implementation of Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) in Turkey for Increasing Recycling Rates


  • Nurdan Tasarsu Yozgat Municipality Medical Waste Sterilization Facility,66100, Yozgat, Turkey
  • Zeynep Eren Ataturk University, Department of Environmental Engineering, 25240, Erzurum, Turkey


Deposit Return Scheme, Zero Waste, Recycling


It was conducted an evaluation of the applicability of DRS, which was started to be implemented on a pilot scale in Ankara Province Kızılcahamam District in July 2022 within the scope of the Turkey Deposit Return System Project put into effect by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change in January 2021, taking into account the domestic waste and zero waste practices based on the 6-month data of the wastes separately collected glass, plastic and metal beverage packaging with DRS. Since 2020, domestic wastes have been separately collected in accordance with zero waste regulation in the region as well. The district was determined as a DRS pilot region in June 2022 as well. The DRS application from July 2022 until the end of December 2022 was found very attractive by the public, and nearly six tons of beverage packaging waste was collected separately in a short period of six months. Considering that organic wastes and construction wastes are included as the recyclable wastes collected separately with the zero-waste application, it is evaluated that the DIS application has had a significant success in a short time.