New Opportunities Provided by Marine Communication Systems in Ship Management of Maritime Enterprises


  • Tayfun Acarer Piri Reis University, Maritime Vocational School, Istanbul, Turkey


Coastal Management, Communication Systems, Information Systems, Maritime Enterprises, Ship Management


In recent years, developments in communication systems, one of the two basic elements of the IT sector, offer great opportunities in the effective control and supervision of seas and coasts. Especially developments in wireless communication systems offer countries many new opportunities in the effective management of their coasts. While these developments in communication systems lead to problems such as marine pollution in the surrounding seas of countries, safety of life and property in the seas, irregular migration, effective use of maritime transportation, maximum utilization of seafood, they also offer very important opportunities in many areas. As it is known, uncontrolled migration, which has accelerated in recent years and become a major problem even for landlocked countries, is carried out largely by sea, and therefore the security of the coasts has become an international issue. In addition, in our world where natural resources are decreasing, keeping the seas clean and making maximum use of the opportunities offered by the seas has become one of the most important areas of interest for countries. The developments in technology in recent years offer very important opportunities to countries and their administrations in all these matters. Today, new opportunities provided in wireless communication and the use of data communication in these systems also enable the automatic collection and evaluation of many data. In this regard, developments in data communication in marine VHF systems in recent years and the shift of existing VHF channels to data communication have made a significant contribution to the technical infrastructure. As a result, it has become possible for the maritime authorities of the countries to easily monitor the pollution of the surrounding seas and the issues listed above.